Bunya Nuts - Frozen Whole Husks - 1 kg

Bunya Nuts - Frozen Whole Husks - 1 kg

Araucaria bidwillii
Bunya Bunya Nut
The nut tastes a little like a chestnut and is also a little floury.
Whole husks in shell.
The bunya nut tree is a huge tree which bears a crop only after the tree itself is around 100 years old, and then it crops once every 2 or 3 years only. The crop itself consists of large cones up to the size of a very heavy soccer ball – 300 mm in length and 10 kg in weight. The cones contain the edible nuts (seeds) which are encased in a shell.
The nuts (seeds) can be eaten raw when fresh, but it is a lot easier to boil the seed pods to extract the nut. The nuts can then be roasted, sliced or pureed and used in desserts and savory dishes and spreads. The nuts can also be milled to a flour and then used in various doughs.
These nuts come in a convenient tamper evident re-sealable pouch perfect for chefs.  Store them in the freezer.

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